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Practical information

Date: 25th to 27th October 2024

Location: Haus Schnede (close to Hamburg, Germany)

Language: English

Participants: 32-40 

Age limit: 18+ 


375,- (Discounted)

485,- (Standard)

550,- (Comfort)
Paying in instalments is possible.

The price differences between the tickets only affect the type of accommodation and will not have any influence on the game experience and the roles.


This 1920s experience includes food, drinks, and a character prepared by the game team. 


All participants are responsible for their own costumes.

Immertreu should feel like stepping into a movie inspired by a historical era. It might be set in the autumn of 1926 but it isn’t a historical correct re-enactment event. We aim for a feeling of the era, but during the game, the focus is on drama, passion, intrigue, and the clash of different personalities. 



All over the world and during all times criminals have been forming gangs to support each other and enhance their "business". But seldom did organized crime act such open and as much respected by authorities and society as in interwar Berlin. 


An immersive experience like Immertreu needs some rules to ensure the safety of everyone involved and to provide a great larp experience for all participants. Also, we are taking some measurements regarding the Covid-19 situation. 


Fight for the legacy of a criminal empire and enjoy an extravagant weekend in the 1920s of Germany! A larp experience inspired by classical gangster movies but also the true stories of the 1920s criminal gangs of Berlin.


October 18th to 20th 2024 

October 25th to 27th 2024 



Mattis K.
(Immertreu 2019, Run 1)

I had an absolute blast.
Crazy families, club rivalries, dark secrets and lots of murder. Thank you!


Jenny B.
(Immertreu 2019, Run 2)

The plot development felt delightfully natural. The mechanics of affecting the "outside world" through phone and telegrams still excite me! And the location was perfect!

(A German magazine for Larp)

For those with an affinity for the world of gangsters, the glamour of the twenties, and intrigue-rich character play, Immertreu is a hot tip. 

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