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Germany, 1926: Dr. Manhart had many faces for the public. A well-known scientist. A successful building tycoon. A highly honoured hero of the Great War. A patron of the fine arts. 

But all those who gather this weekend in his mansion know, that he was one thing above all: the undisputed ruler of the Berlin underworld. 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, criminals, artists, and social figures have come together to mourn his death, celebrate his life, and reorganize his shady businesses.

Follow us on a fascinating journey through time to a place, where the splendour of the Roaring Twenties is only superficially able to cover the abyss of human nature. 

Become part of one of the infamous 1920s gangs in Germany, the Ring Clubs, and fight for the legacy of a criminal empire. 

Or, as an honoured guest of the criminals, enjoy the thrill of a society where every wrong word can have grim consequences.


Immertreu should feel like stepping into a movie inspired by a historical era. It might be set in the autumn of 1926 but it isn’t a historical correct re-enactment event.

We aim for a feeling of the era, but during the game, the focus is on drama, passion, intrigue and the clash of different personalities.

Themes of the game:

  • Honour among thieves 

  • Old sins and revenge

  • Greed and betrayal 

  • Love and jealousy

  • Murder Mystery

  • Political turmoil

  • The Great War 

  • The Russian Revolution

Find more information about our vision for this extraordinary experience here.

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