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Physical Safety

The physical safety of all participants is important at all times. Even though there will probably be violent fights between characters in Immertreu, these fights are of course not really serious, but always just simulated. They should be exciting and create drama for bystanders, but at the same time they have to be fun and harmless for everyone involved.

For this purpose, we only use harmless deco weapons and special game mechanics for confrontations. 


Emotional Safety

The more intense the situations, the stronger the experiences we often undergo. As a result, game situations are sometimes created that involve emotional borderline experiences. However, this can also lead to overstepping of boundaries, emotional injuries, and excessive stress that can tarnish the overall experience.


At Immertreu, we therefore have a set of rules and mechanics to help participants avoid boundary crossings and make these experiences as safe as possible.​

Harrasment and Misconduct 
At Immertreu, we don’t tolerate any form of off-game discrimination, may it be due to sexuality, appearance, heritage, gender, ability, or anything the like. We take a firm stand against related behaviour.

We also work with strict policy of enthusiastic consent, especially but not only for physically intimate interactions. Respect people's boundaries and preferences and do not question them.


Safety and careful handling of the location are immensely important. Even if it means that some interesting actions and scenes cannot be played out. Please refrain from crazy and reckless stunts so that nothing is damaged and treat the interior with care. Also, refrain from anything that could stain or damage floors, walls, etc.

We do our best to create a safe environment for everyone and want everyone to feel welcome. Nevertheless, there might be situations where someone feels uncomfortable. If and when these situations arise, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can talk about it. We will do our best to solve the issues and we are always happy to listen.

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