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Practical Information

Built as the family estate of a rich merchant in 1907, Haus Schnede today is a beautiful event location close to the German city of Hamburg.

Revealing the charm of a bygone era, the ensemble consists of the magnificent main mansion and a smaller cottage by its side.

Types of tickets:
Discounted: Accommodation in the cottage
(max. 4 persons per room, shared bathroom and toilet on the same floor).


Standard: Accommodation in the manor house
(max. 3 persons per room, shower and toilet in the room).


Comfort: Accommodation in the manor house
(max. 2 persons per room, shower and toilet in the room).

The venue can only be accessed via stairs, there is no ramp or lift.
There are stairs and steps in various places inside the venue.
The outside areas of the location are largely unlit. 
In the course of the game, situations may arise where we turn down the lighting in certain areas within the location for atmospheric reasons.
There are uneven areas both inside (old floorboards, worn stairs) and outside (meadow, tree roots) the location.
There will be both visual and audio game information during the course of the game.


Immertreu has pre-written characters that are created by the organisers. Everyone will receive a detailed character description with ambitions, personality traits, friends and enemies.


Each character has also a certain number of social groups it is part of. Each group comes with benefits and connections but also bonds and conflicts.


All participants are responsible for their own costumes, although we will provide tips. Your costume does not have to be perfectly historical but should look as if it could be part of a historically inspired film.

We will provide game-relevant items, game weapons, game money and one other accessories.


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